NURSING DIAGNOSIS: Impaired physical mobility

related to:
  1. activity limitations imposed by current diagnosis and/or treatment plan;
  2. loss of muscle mass, tone, and strength associated with prolonged disuse and inadequate nutritional status.
Desired Outcome
The client will maintain maximum physical mobility within limitations imposed by the disease or injury and treatment plan.
Nursing Actions and Selected Purposes/Rationales
  1. Implement measures to maintain optimal joint mobility and muscle function during period of immobility:
    1. instruct client in and assist with range of motion exercises at least 3 times/day unless contraindicated
    2. reinforce instructions, activities, and exercise plan recommended by physical and occupational therapists
    3. assist with use of electrical stimulation devices that promote muscle strengthening if ordered
    4. encourage participation in self-care as allowed; put side rails up and provide overhead trapeze unless contraindicated to promote independent movement
    5. perform actions to reduce the risk of contractures (see Diagnosis 12, actions B-F in contractures complication)
    6. perform actions to maintain an adequate nutritional status (see Diagnosis 3, action c) in order to help maintain muscle mass, tone, and strength.
  2. Encourage the support of significant others. Allow them to assist with range of motion exercises and positioning if desired.
  3. Consult appropriate health care provider (e.g. physician, physical therapist) if client's mobility and range of motion are more limited than expected.